AirTerra Launches Innovative New Logistics Service

AirTerra, an innovative new logistics company, and 360DESIGN client launched its service to a full domestic market on July 20th, 2021 with a website that is just as fresh as the service AirTerra provides. 

Combining the experience of several long-time industry experts, who have contributed to technological and logistic advances in shipping for the past twenty years, the company has initiated a new era of shipping for the e-commerce industry that aids small and mid-sized retailers to compete with giants. The current phase of rollout promises faster speeds, more predictability, and greater value for shipping, a combination that is currently unachievable through traditional carriers. AirTerra gives small and mid-sized companies an advantage against the larger retail clients by offering an aggregate packaging service, so orders that would otherwise be too small to warrant the use of a whole truck can be combined with other regional orders to make the trip across the country to then be sent forth through one of the largest last-mile networks ever made. Their point-to-point service guarantees faster delivery times and greater predictability by lowering the chances of delays that might come from multiple shipping hubs, resulting in small businesses gaining a more satisfied clientele that will continue to return for business. 

With design, copy, and development by 360DESIGN, the website breaks with industry standards with bold modern typography and custom graphics that help illustrate the AirTerra method of shipping to new retail clients. As AirTerra continues to grow and roll out even more innovative solutions (these promise to be even more massive game-changers) the design and functionality of the website and other design and technology-related features will continue to evolve as well. Stay tuned for this exciting journey that will revolutionize the way we purchase and receive and help the environment and work to push back against climate change in the process.

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