Leo Baeck Institute Sends Traveling Exhibition Around the World

Following the success of the Shared History Project website and virtual museum, there was a demand for a more tangible exhibition that could extend the reach of the project’s mission of raising awareness about different cultures living in a shared environment.

360DESIGN developed a traveling exhibition of 12 standing modular panels that could be arranged in multiple configurations depending on the space they needed to occupy. The structure was designed by 360DESIGN and fabricated by our partner Collector NY and features panels that fold and collapse and fit into a custom fabricated case that can then travel around the globe to various cultural institutions to be erected and packed away for another location. Rather than using a timeline format for the structure of information, each panel dives into a specific theme that traverses time and highlights three historical objects to illustrate the importance of that theme. The exhibition was designed in two sets, one in English and one in German depending on their final destination.

The exhibition first debuted in two locations at once; its native home at the German Parliament and in Washington DC. The exhibition also features a smaller poster version component that can be printed for academic and higher learning institutions to expand the reach of this great story even further.

As with all of our projects, it was a delight for 360DESIGN to work on this important project.

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