First Responders Children’s Foundation Launches New Site


For over twenty years, the First Responders Children’s Foundation has been providing financial relief for the children and families of the heroic first responders who risk their lives daily for the safety of our communities. This year 360DESIGN was tasked with giving the website a visual and functional redesign that was launched just in time for their flagship fundraising event on the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The main goal of the site updates was to make the mission of the organization — which was clear in the days following the tragic events of 9/11 but has taken on an even greater purpose as our nation continues to face threats from climate change and the pandemic — ever more apparent to those who have become unfamiliar or who have been born after the tragedy that initiated their calling.

Through a deep analysis of the site’s content, function, and goals; 360DESIGN was able to work from square one to envision a strategy that would advise a complete restructuring of the organization’s most public-facing presence. The new site not only makes the mission as well as current news, events, and fundraisers more evident to the general public but also makes the process of applying for financial help for those who have lost their loved ones in the face of horrific events so much more accessible — a process that should be as simple as possible for a person already in a painful state.

As a design and strategy agency, it is our mission to use design and design thinking to enhance the lives of people, whenever possible. Working with the First Responders Children’s Foundation has truly been a project that feels dear to our mission and we are thankful during this holiday season to have been a small part of helping this amazing organization on their incredibly important mission.

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