CBB Lighting Design Launches CBB HOMES

A giant in the commercial lighting industry and an established client of 360DESIGN, CBB Lighting Design is venturing from the world of museums, theaters, and a host of other award-winning mega-projects, to the comforts and confines of the home. Many have come to CBB from commercial avenues and asked about their services for residential projects. How would they approach it? What advice would they give? As a result, the firm decided to extend a new division, CBB Homes.

The CBB Lighting Design brand has a long-standing brand identity, established through its highly trafficked web presence. To add a brand extension like a Homes Division, the look and feel required a strong connection the main brand while also becoming an entirely new experience. Thus, CBB Homes emerged with a warmer, more comforting tonality and a plunging user experience that layers the narrative of CBB’s process and values for their residential lighting style.

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