Shared History Project Wins Webby Nomination

Shared History Project: 1700 Years of Jewish Life in German-speaking Lands, one of 360DESIGN’s most extensive projects was awarded a nomination in the Cultural Institutions category of the 2021 Webby Awards. Helmed by Creative Director Iker Iza, Shared History Project evolved into a rich and deep source of knowledge that defies definition. The web experience is a 52-week long venture through the 1700 year timeline, each week releasing a new artifact — some shot in three dimensions so the user can interact, zoom and twist to see a full 360-degree view — these items are tied to essays that explain the relevance to how this singular thing can represent two cultures of different beliefs living together.

Objects can be discovered as released on the homepage, or through a map of the lands, they can scroll through the timeline itself or have the option to enter a completely virtual museum. A space constructed in VR that can be accessed through a VR headset or just through the desktop browser with a number of rooms that gradually open throughout the year as more items are released. A thin iron rod creates a path through the rooms and gives a nod to the timeline of the project. It bends and snakes across the floor and then will rise up to become the pedestal for an object or a gateway to a location across the globe.

Following the popularity of the web experience, there was a sudden demand to create a physical exhibition for the project. This will begin traveling around the world to various institutions, community centers, and galleries to continue the good work and sage advice that the Shared History Project offers.

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