HealthPULSE Partner Cortico Technology Featured on Vice News

360DESIGN client HealthPULSE utilizes several intelligent technologies in an effort to examine and analyze the ways in which misinformation is spread. Listening to the feedback from these results allows teams to proactively create campaigns that have a higher rate of success in reversing these trends.

Following the 2016 election, Vice News took a deeper look into ‘How Truth Lost Its Meaning in Trump’s America’ with an insightful segment on the Cortico technology that is a partner of the HealthPULSE initiative. Isobel Yeung visits the Cortico offices to get a first-hand look at the power of this innovative tech that builds data visualizations. A large wall-mounted screen displaying what looks like some brilliant otherworldly firework show in stasis. In actuality, these flickers and beams each represent a tweet about political matters, from anyone on Twitter. The bright red flares are tweets by Trump supporters, the blue is Hillary, the green is Sander supporters and the streaking lines are the connections between individual profiles. The wider the shapes of the colors are, the more diverse thoughts and ideas are behind the tweets. The tighter and more dense shapes represent a singularity of ideas and beliefs. The most immediately noticeable observation is how little connectors there are between the blue-green are and the red area.

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